Asking the Climate Question: How to Create a Climate Adaptation Plan

Asking the Climate Question: How to Create  a Climate Adaptation Plan
So, let’s save ourselves some time and use not only public resources but the example of a public process to ensure we are climate resilient.
Here are five steps to climate resiliency with excellent city resources to enhance your company’s preparedness:  
1.    Review local climate-change impact projections.
2.    Identify relevant vulnerabilities.
(Chicago’s are extreme heat, extreme precipitation, ecosystem changes. New York’s includes inundation.)
3. Prepare an economic risk analysis.
4.    Create adaptation strategies.
5.    Use a short- and medium-term plan that:
a.    Focuses on existing adaptation.
b.    Considers, especially, adaptations that also mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.
c.    Sets as priorities adaptations with a collateral improvement to your bottom line and your
employees' quality of life.