To stay competitive, you need to build resilience into your city, company or nonprofit. 

Extreme heat, increasing king tides and sea level rise, major storms, drought, wildfire - these growing hazards affect people’s health, businesses’ profits, and the infrastructure functions we rely on.

You have significant opportunities to prevent the avoidable and manage the unpreventable in the new era of climate change.  

We can help.

At Climate Resilience Consulting, we work with our clients to create resilience success.  We:

·      Craft Resilience-Focused Institutions

·      Build Resilience Measurement Tools

·      Define Resilience Finance Frameworks

We work with you to prioritize your resources, enhance your investments and build resilient institutions.  

As your strategic consultant, we:

·      Plan, Convene and Facilitate.

·      Survey, Research and Report.

·      Structure, Advise and Strategize.

Climate Resilience contributes 5% of its revenue to non profits that are working to transform climate change resilience.  We are also formally committed to donate at least 5% of our time to pro bono advising efforts.

2018-2019 advisory roles include:

American Society of Adaptation Professionals|Director

Anthropocene Alliance|Director

ASU Global Institute on Sustainability|Senior Fellow

Climate Bonds Initiative|Technical Lead, Adaptation and Resilience Expert Group

Climate KIC City Finance Lab|Expert Committee

EU Technical Expert Group (TEG) on Sustainable Finance|Adaptation Advisor

FEMA Innovative Financing Solutions for riverbank flood mitigation in Minot, ND|Expert

Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment Group|Founding Member

Illinois Green Alliance|Advisory Board

LA SAFE Louisiana Strategic Adaptation for Future Environments|Advisor

Mayor Lori Lightfoot|Transition Committee

MIT Climate Colab|Adaptation Judge

Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness|Partner

Resilience Brokers|Partner

Sustainability and Security Forum|Master Teacher

The Climate Service|Advisor

UI Labs Tech & Innovation workshop advisor|North America City Climate Summit

UNISDR ARISE|Building Disaster Resilience Scorecard Author

Urban Land Institute|Chair, Advisory Panel, Miami Beach Climate Adaptation

Urban Sustainability Directors Network|Resilience Finance Training