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Winter 2016

Let's Create a Climate Adaptation Opportunity Standard to Catalyze Investors

WEF's Global Risk Report: Clarion Call for Adaptation

Fall 2015

COP21: A Chance in Paris to Save Lives and Improve Livelihoods through Climate Adaptation

Buffering Against Climate Risk: Lessons for the Refugee Crisis

Summer 2015

The Insurance Industry: Adaptation Drivers

Cities in Emerging Markets as Investment Meccas

Shifts in Thinking in our Unbalanced World

Spring 2015

The World’s Poor: Pope Francis Clarifies Their Disproportionate Risk to Climate Disruption

Preparing for New Realities: Planners Weigh in on Adapting to Climate Change

Advancing Climate Resilient Development

Brazil drought – the Readiness Prophylactic

Winter 2015

Emerging Global Risk: Failure to Adapt to Climate Change

Cocoa Climate Crisis

China's Role in Adaptation?

Increasing Water Security: Enlivening Communities in Africa and Asia

Adaptation Potential: Africa's Hope and Promise

Lunar New Year Predictions from the Climate Leadership Conference 

Emerging Global Risk: Failure to Adapt to Climate Change

Building Global Health Resilience: Pursuits in Haiti and Bangladesh

Fall 2014

Urban Adaptation Questions To Explore, with thanks to Joann Carmin

Reflecting Post Sandy

Corporate Adaptation Stories: Risky Business

Disproportionate risk vs. human resilience

Summer 2014

Another Season of Climate Risk Looms: Southeast Asian Coastal Storms

Community supply chains: resilience through insurance innovation

Global Climate Finance: Is there money for the private sector?

Measuring Country Resilience

Spring 2014

The Wrong Direction: Countries at Risk from Climate Change Face Shrinking Resiliency

Cities at Risk - Measure what Matters

Australia to Zimbabwe: Contrasts in Drought Resiliency

Winter 2014

Feeding a climate-altered world

Climate on the Davos Agenda

Poor Countries Are Losing Ground in the Race to Adapt to a Changing Climate

Expert View: Five Issues that Promise to Heighten National Security Risks in a Changing Climate

Feeding a Climate-Altered World

Fall 2013

Turn Tragedy in the Philippines to Adaptation Action

National Security: A Driver for Climate Adaptation Prioritization?

Benchmarking: Improving our Work by Learning from Others

Bullish on the Resiliency of Emerging Economy Cities

Climate as a Business Opportunity

Summer 2013

The Auto Industry's Real Climate Risk

Climate Adaption: Not Either Or

Urbanization and Climate Adaptation – How at Risk is Uour Supply Chain?

Spring 2013

National Climate Assessment – Getting People to Do Something about It

Job Posting: Climate Adaptation Expert?

Adapt, Media, We Need You!

Winter 2013

The Next Silk Route

North America -In the Eye of the Storm

Fall 2012

Climate Change Communications

Who says Carbon? Who says Tax?

Summer 2012

Is Geoengineering Climate Adaptation?

Institutional Investor vs. Individual Investor – Who is the Climate Adaptation Actor?

Rio+20 and Corporate Climate-Adaptation Optimism

It’s Time for NATO to Look to the Future Climate

Green Buildings and Climate Adaptation

Spring 2012

What Happens in Vegas Can’t Stay in Vegas: Strategies for Climate Adaption by Water Utilities

Framing Climate Adaptation Messages for Corporate Action

Winter 2012 

Is Climate Adaptation CSR?

Climate and Society - A Look Back at 2011

Ten Point Checklist for Making Corporations Resilient

Ports: Staying Competitive Through Climate Adaptation

Fall 2011

Sustainability Reporting and Adaptation

The Climate-Adaptation Pundits are Talking…Just Not about a Corporate Role

Public Engagement Can Spark Innovative Climate Action

Climate Change Science – Reach Out and Grab It

Smart Grid a Climate Adaptation

The Global Adaptation Index: It’s a True Corporate GaIn

Hard Science Data Is Fine, But Let Communities Generate Data, Too

Crisis Communications: Are you Ready for a Climate-Related Crisis in Your Business?

Climate Adaptation: Your Examples

Climate Adaptation: What Does It Mean for Supply Chains?


Building Site & Climate Resiliency

Can Insurers Drive Corporate Climate Adaptation?

Summer 2011

Climate Adaptation – Corporate Learning from Past Disasters

Are You Vulnerable to a Climate Change Lawsuit?

Asking the Climate Question: How to Create a Climate Adaptation Plan

In a Climate-Related Crisis Affecting Your Business, Who Serves as Chief Spokesperson?

‘No Regrets’ Climate Adaptation: How to Reap Collateral Benefits

Farmers and Climate Change – They’ve got the Instinct

Climate Adaptation and the Car Behind You

Climate Adaptation: Basic Risk Management

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