2019 - What our clients say about us (and we didn’t even ask!)

“My commissioner and I were reflecting on the event and we were so impressed with your facilitation skills (you ask better questions than Terri Gross) and your persistence to [social] equity. We were anxious to see how (and if) we would wrestle with the difficult task and you were remarkable in your capacity. Thank you for your leadership. I look forward to continuing in this good work with colleagues like you.”Chief Resilience Officer for Florida City

“I thought the workshop you designed was great, and I’m eager to see what comes from it.” National Philanthropic Fund Leader

“Thank you for your leadership, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm.
You have contributed greatly to me individually and to [organization] as a whole.” National Nonprofit C-Suite Leader

“We have a serious problem: We need more of you! The whole team agrees you are key to our success.” International Corporate C-Suite