We work with leaders to create actionable strategies that enhance markets and livelihoods through adaptation to climate change.

Let us help you prioritize your resources and protect your investments. Our services include:

·       Vulnerability Assessment

·       Decision-making Tools

·       Business Continuity Planning

·       Planning Frameworks

·       Seminars and Workshops

 ·       Community Engagement and                     Partnerships

Climate-related disruption is a threat to lives and livelihoods:

  • In 2011 Chicago suffered over $1.8 billion in losses and 36 deaths when a blizzard dumped 2 feet of snow on the city.
  • In 2014 coffee rust in Colombia, resulting from rising temperatures, causes $250 million in damages. 
  • In 2012 the outlay for weather disasters in the US was over $110 billion.
  • Globally, the cost of events influenced by climate change in 2015 was $75 billion.
  • 76% of executives see bottom-line risks from the direct impacts of climate change.
  • By the end of the century, global incomes could decrease 23% due to climate change, significantly hampering the growth of the middle class market. 

 (Sources:  White House, International Disaster Database; World Economic Forum, CDP, Stanford)

There are significant opportunities to prevent the avoidable and manage the unpreventable in the new era of climate change.

Given scientific predictions of extreme heat, rain and snow, flooding, coastal storms, sea level rise, disease, fires and drought, it’s time to create sustainable solutions that build resilience for today and the future. With a changing climate, an emphasis on greenhouse gas emission reduction is important. At the same time, there is a growing necessity to adapt to climate stresses and shocks.

We can help. Climate Resilient Consulting:

·      Delivers practical, real world solutions for capital assets, supply chains and communities with collateral benefits across the value chain to support enhanced livelihoods, strong corporations and growing markets. 

·      Creates projects that encompass technical, policy, social and economic assets and focus on resilience to emerging risks that affect infrastructure, health, ecosystems, food, water, buildings, workforce and customers.

·      Helps you earn the license to operate, mine market-expansion before the competition and distinguish yourself as a unique and foresightful sustainability leader, ensuring a better future for all of your stakeholders.