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Mission Statement: Climate Resilience Consulting exists to create a world with more lives saved & livelihoods enhanced in the face of climate change disruption, especially for those facing disproportionate risks to hazards.


Climate Resilience contributes 5% of its profits to non profits that are working to transform climate change resilience.  In 2017, we contributed to the Anthropocene Alliance (Aa), the Resilience Brokers Programme, and the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP).

In addition, our pro bono commitments include active engagement on Aa and ASAP's non profits boards of directors as well as advising e.g. the Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment Work Group, Resilience Brokers Programme, Illinois Green Alliance, The Urban Land Institute, the City Finance Lab and The Climate Service. We are formally committed to donate at least 5% of our time to these and other pro bono efforts.

Climate Resilience Consulting insets (a local version of offset) carbon emissions from air travel by planting trees in Chicagoland to mitigate the urban heat island and capture carbon and by helping others get access to trees, rain barrels, bike sharing and enhanced soil for carbon sequestration to reduce Chicagoan's carbon footprints. In 2017, our approximate scope 3 airplane transit was 1.65MTCO2e

Our goals for 2018 are to ensure that 90% or more of our clients focus on adaptation social equity and to include relevant adaptation equity information in 90% of the public presentations or written thought leadership we create.

Starting in 2018, Climate Resilience Consulting gives preference to suppliers owned by women or individuals from underrepresented populations and/or to suppliers in Chicagoland.

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