Climate Resilience Consulting Works with Clients to Build Resilience to Climate Stresses and Shocks.

Transportation Research Board

Creating a National Cooperative Highway Research Program national summit and peer exchange on transportation resilience aimed at state departments of transportation.  Develop a system resiliency guide.

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UI Labs

Supporting the North America City Climate Summit's technology and innovation workshop.

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Working with global non profit to create social impact fund's resilience assessment that will screen investments in least developed countries for their resilience to physical risks and their resilience opportunity and benefits.

Bay Area Resilient by Design

Creating finance advisory to guide Bay Area resilience development project funding and finance that will help design teams understand their financing options, influencing project and design decisions.

Institute for Building Technology and Safety

Recommending new resilience service areas through institution discovery, elucidating US resilience trends and partner investigations. Expert counsel to National League of Cities Small City resilience advisory.


Market Trends and Investor Landscape Analysis for a Global Resilience Investment Fund: In partnership with Four Twenty Seven, performed a market analysis and investor survey to support the feasibility study of a Fund to catalyze and leverage private capital for investment in climate and natural hazards resilience infrastructure, public private partnerships and small and medium sized enterprises. Examined innovative tools emerging in the debt and equity marketplace, including Strategic Investment Funds, that make resilience projects interesting to investors. 

100 Resilient Cities Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation

100RC Resilience Policy Platform to Inform the Federal Government: Worked with Enterprise Community Partners to determine key federal policy infrastructure resilience barriers and opportunities and to create infrastructure resilience policy plank.


The Kresge Foundation Climate Adaptation Portfolio Review: Developing an understanding of the current state of the U.S. adaptation and resilience fields, identifying emerging opportunities and recommending a go-forward strategy, based on insights from experts, including The Kresge Foundation’s climate adaptation grantees.  Preliminary Report in Brief


Financing Urban Resilience: A Blueprint for Action. In partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Communities, we developed and delivered a Bellagio, Italy Center convening and action plan to influence credit rating agencies and insurers in bolstering resilience through modified policies, procedures  and funding streams. Public Report

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Adaptation and Resilience Trust Fund. In partnership with an independent contractor, set a framework to create resilience resources for the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region in support of building upgrades, buyouts, land protection, green infrastructure and hard infrastructure like sea walls. Report


Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network. In partnership with Arizona State University, working with 9 cities to promote, design, and implement urban infrastructure, especially related to traditional and  innovative project finance.