Climate Adaptation: Your Examples

Climate Adaptation: Your Examples  

I’ve had dozens of lively conversations with my readers over the last month about what climate adaptation is.  I thought I’d share a quick list of examples to keep the conversation going.


Climate Adaptation is:

  1. Planning a drug pipeline to include malaria prophylactics for the Southeastern U.S. (a global pharmaceutical company).
  2. Installing on-site energy generation, including waste heat recovery, solar photovoltaic, wind) as a back up in the event of a power outage (a university hospital)
  3. Budgeting to collaborate on port relocations as part of long term planning (an international shipping company).
  4. Crafting new policies to prevent heat exhaustion, including on-site potable water access and shade provision (a Midwest construction firm).
  5. Storing chlorine and fertilizer above ground, rather than in the sub-level parking garage (a parking lot owner).
  6. Including a requirement in the employee handbook that everyone keep a sturdy pair of walking shoes at their desk (a service company headquartered in a NYC high rise).
  7. Organizing the next fundraising campaign around natural disasters (a child’s health advocacy nonprofit).
  8. Opting to develop a river view site, rather than a rivers-edge site (a Kentucky real estate developer).
  9. Testing new variatals of drought-resistant wheat that require less consistent water (an agricultural research consultant).
  10. Stocking snow-management equipment in Southern markets (a major hardware retailer).
  11. Updating continuity of operations plan, on the 10year anniversary of September 11 (a major D.C. employer).
  12. Ensuring that the protocol for accessing office files and emails from home is clear and well communicated (California retailer headquarters)


What’s your quick list?