City Adaptation Action Tool

Most City Leaders Agree, We Know Enough to Act. 

We made our city adaptation assessment tool and companion department and agency work plans free. Created based on over two decades of experience working as a practitioner in, partner with, and consultant to cities around the globe, this was our response to many requests following 2017's tragic U.S. hurricanes and fires: “What can I do to avoid climate-related devastation impacting my constituents.”

The 5 Step Climate Adaptation Action Tool supports a two hour city staff download of current knowledge that creates a one page inventory of progress to date, climate change hazards, assets at risk and most vulnerable populations. 

The tool provides a framework for a simple climate adaptation action plan, using City knowledge to save lives and improve livelihoods in the face of physical climate change risks.

step 1.jpeg

Celebrate Progress to Date

Your city is resilient and is taking steps to become more so

step 2.jpeg

COnsider Current Risks

In general, these are the most significant climate hazards your city faces

Step 3.jpeg
step 4.jpeg

Identify Critical assets and services

In your city, these are critical assets and services at risk from climate hazards



Describe Potential Impacts

In your city, these are 2-10 critical assets and/or services and vulnerable populations that will likely be most affected by these climate hazards.